Zoller Interface


A data transfer between the Zoller TMS database and the Mastercam CAM system. The basis for this represents the ZOLLER “TMS/Web-Service”. The data transfer is possible in both directions between ZOLLER TMS and Mastercam.


With a data transfer the production can be organized efficiently between the tool management and the CAM system. The Mastercam interface to the ZOLLER tool management is easy and intuitive to use and allows you to use a program with a real tool geometries. With this interface, you get easy access to the ZOLLER database. This allows you to select the interface and to read additional tool information.


  • Creation and maintenance of tool data in a central base. No double data maintenance necessary!
  • Overview of the actual available tools
  • Contour data are scanned by the ZOLLER adjustment device
  • The measurement machine can be used for collision detection
  • Supply the actual tool data for recalculation of the 3D toolpaths
  • Reverse transcription of the tool list – created by Mastercam
  • Easy handling through standardized and automated data exchange





simple data transfer


Transmission in both directions between ZOLLER TMS and Mastercam


Zoller TMS-Tool